The VOICE of Anglers and Hunters since 1928


Hunting, fishing and trapping are heritage activities and are recognized as such in federal and provincial legislation.  Millions of Ontarians participate in one or more of these activities, which contribute billions annually to the province’s economic, cultural and ecological wealth, and through licences sales, provide two thirds of the funding of Ontario’s fish and wildlife programs.

In the late 1800’s, anglers and hunters in both Canada and the United States were among the original conservationists who called for the protection of fish and wildlife populations which were being threatened by commercial interests.  They, along with national leaders like Teddy Roosevelt in the U.S., and Wilfred Laurier in Canada, were responsible for the creation of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, that governs fish and wildlife management across the continent to this day.  In fact, the OFAH was first founded by an alliance of community-based fishing groups who were concerned about conservation of the resource.

The OFAH represents the interests of our members, supporters and subscribers, and all anglers and hunters at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government on all matters related to fishing and hunting, fish and wildlife conservation, management, restoration and protection.  We provide expertise to governments on a wide range of issues, when policy, legislative or regulatory changes are being contemplated.  In doing so, the OFAH meets with party leaders from all parties, ministers, MP’s, MPP’s, municipal mayors and councillors and senior staff in support of policies and programs that enhance fishing and hunting opportunities and support the conservation of our valuable natural resources for current and future generations.

Participation in fishing and hunting continues to grow, and the future is bright.  However, without continuing action in support of our outdoor heritage we risk losing what so many have worked hard to preserve and grow for generations.  When you look at the fishing and hunting sections of the OFAH website, you will see the huge number of issues we’re involved in, from firearms to ATV’s, hatcheries to land claims, fish stocking to wildlife restoration. Each one of these requires us to advocate on behalf of our members and others, to ensure that our voice is heard in the halls of government.  A significant number of OFAH members and member clubs also participate in recreational sport shooting, and wherever possible, the federation advocates on behalf of the shooting sports.  The OFAH has enjoyed 89 years of success as one of the leading conservation organizations in Canada, and will continue to speak out on anything that affects our hunting and fishing heritage and the natural resources we all work so hard to protect.

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