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Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS)

The Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) program is coming to the Peterborough region in 2017.

ALUS Canada - A Weston Family InitiativeThe ALUS Peterborough team will work with farmers to identify stewardship opportunities on their land, and support them through the ALUS project approval and implementation process.

ALUS Peterborough will share establishment costs (for materials and labour) with the landowner or manager. ALUS Peterborough will also provide an annual payment, based on competitive local land rental rates, for land that is taken out of production for a habitat restoration or wetland enhancement project.

ALUS Peterborough is looking for agricultural producers whose farms will benefit from the establishment of native prairie, pollinator habitat, multi-row shelterbelts, reforestation, enhanced and expanded riparian areas, watering systems, nesting structures and/or fencing around water bodies, as well as from wetland restoration, creation and enhancement.

Our priority is taking marginal, unproductive, inefficient, or environmentally sensitive lands out of agricultural production and putting them into the production of environmental goods and services. It is not the goal of this program to remove good farmland from production.

Thank you to ALUS Peterborough’s supporters and partners:

Ontario Trillium Foundation