Do you have a stream, creek, river, or wetland on your property? Are you interested in protecting water quality, enhancing wildlife habitat, or using Best Management Practices for your farming activities? For landowners with water features, the list of questions and concerns can sometimes seem endless – but we are here to help! We offer a supportive, non-regulatory, source of information for landowners, community groups, and others interested in the streams and rivers which run across their property or through their community. Also, we can provide free site visits to landowners within our program area. Everyone has a role to play in protecting, enhancing, or restoring Ontario’s waterways, whether it is their time, talents, community connections, or knowledge of project sites. You, as a landowner, can help us protect this valuable resource!

FREE Stream-side Site Visits

Interested in learning more about what could be done to protect and enhance the stream on your property or in your community? We will set up site visits for those landowners and community groups interested in advice and suggestions on the management of the stream running through their property or community. We can also coordinate visits with the local Conservation Authority, Stewardship Council, and/or other agencies – this ensures you receive the best possible advice and assistance if requested.


Planning Projects and Getting Things Done

Not sure where to start or what steps are required to enhance or restore a section of stream? From preliminary site visits to planning, permits, and implementation, the Community Stream Steward Program provides start to finish assistance with stream rehabilitation and restoration activities. Landowners are required to be active participants in the projects, lending their knowledge, equipment, or time as required – a real cooperative effort!

Budgeting and Funding Assistance

Can’t afford to complete the work yourself? There are funding opportunities available to landowners and community groups interested in stream restoration, rehabilitation, enhancement and/or protection activities. The Community Stream Steward Program can help seek and secure funding for many stream related projects. Depending on the scope of the project, we help landowners obtain funding from various program partners and apply to other funding sources when necessary. No project is too big or too small!