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Wolf & Coyote Hunting and Trapping Ban

The MNRF is seeking public input on the draft recovery strategy for the Algonquin wolf. The strategy recommends a massive expansion of the current ban on the hunting and trapping of wolves and coyotes – from the current 82 townships to an area over 39,000 square kilometers in size (see map below). Hunters, trappers, and farmers are understandably concerned about the potential impacts on other species, including moose, elk, deer, beavers, and livestock in those areas due to increased predation.  Have your say on the draft recovery strategy.  Email before February 14, 2018.

Mar 29, 2019  OFAH shares concerns with OFMF over wolf/coyote ban in Ontario 

Feb 12, 2018  EBR#013-1813 – OFAH comments on the proposed expanded wolf/coyote ban


Here are some specific points to consider in your comments to government:

  • The strategy incorrectly states that hunting and trapping are the biggest threat to Algonquin wolves, despite that fact that harvest has been prohibited across the majority of its range.
  • The recovery strategy also does not address the significant threat posed by wolf/coyote hybridization.
  • The prohibition would apply to vast areas of central Ontario that are currently unsuitable to support Algonquin wolves and will never be suitable for wolves in the future due to wide-scale habitat alteration. The MNRF needs to justify inclusion of all of these townships. We would like to see a township-by-township analysis of habitat suitability (i.e. levels of human disturbance, prey populations, etc.).
  • It’s absolutely unacceptable to give the public only 30 days to review a lengthy technical document with major implications over a 50-year time horizon.

2018 wolf coyote expanded ban hunting trapping

Link to MNRF’s Algonquin-Wolf-Draft-Recovery-Strategy, 2018

Jan 15, 2018  Link to EBR 013-1813 “Request for additional information to be considered in the development of the recovery strategy for Algonquin Wolf under the Endangered Species Act”


public comments can be emailed to (until Feb 14, 2018)


Map of wolf/coyote ban area:

wolf coyote season map

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