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Share this: is Canada’s trusted provider of Ontario boating licenses, also known as Pleasure Craft Operator Cards. makes it easy to obtain your boating license quickly and affordably. Their Transport Canada-approved boater safety course and online exam make certification super easy. Plus, the license is a one-time deal that never expires and is valid all over Canada—so you can hit the water with confidence!

How can I obtain my Ontario boating license?

To obtain your boating license in Ontario:

  1. Begin by completing’s user-friendly Ontario boating course, which allows you to study at your own pace while tracking your progress as you log in and out.
  2. Take the Official Transport Canada boating exam online. There’s no need to be concerned because the exam is open book, and the course covers everything you need to know to pass. Plus, you have the benefit of unlimited free exam retries.
  3. After successfully passing the exam, you can immediately print a temporary Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) at home and start boating right away. Your permanent PCOC will be sent out to your Ontario address within 48 hours.


Is a boating license required in Ontario?

Absolutely. Anyone who operates a motorized boat or PWC in Ontario must possess evidence of competency, irrespective of their age, the boat’s engine power, or its length. The most commonly accepted proof of competency in Ontario is the Pleasure Craft Operator Card.Even if your vessel is equipped with an electric trolling motor or has an engine with less than 10hp, a boating license is still mandatory. Operating a boat without a Pleasure Craft Operator Card in Ontario can result in a fine of $250.

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