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Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program (RFCPP)

 Application Forms and supporting documents must be submitted by August 15, 2014.

The third application period of the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program (RFCPP) is now open. The purpose of the RFCPP is to support the sustainability and ongoing productivity of Canada’s recreational fisheries. This goal would be achieved by supporting recreational fishing and angling groups, as well as conservation organizations, to undertake partnership projects aimed at restoring recreational fisheries habitat in Canada.

Both single year (2014-15) and multi-year (2014-16) projects will be accepted under this application window. Approximately $3.8 million is available for 2014-15 and 10 million for 2015-16. Projects to be funded will be determined through a competitive process. The program’s Application Guidelines provide information on program eligibility and requirements, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Application Form. The Guidelines and Form are found on the RFCPP Website.

Following the application deadline, each proposal will be screened for eligibility and completeness. Those that pass the screening will be evaluated against national criteria, including project feasibility; clarity, thoroughness and soundness of the proposed work plan and budget; and expected performance results.

Activities that directly restore recreational fisheries habitat are eligible for funding under the RFCPP. For example, the program can fund physical habitat restoration projects such as riparian planting, stabilization/enhancement of habitat along eroding banks and the installation of instream restoration structures. It can also fund chemical manipulation projects that improve water quality (e.g., the addition of oxygen through aeration, liming) in order to enhance the productivity of existing recreational fisheries.

The RFCPP focuses primarily on supporting funding requests in the $20,000 to $100,000 range but has a maximum contribution amount of $250,000 per project per fiscal year. All proposed projects must have a completion date no later than March 31, 2016.

In recognition of the importance of partnerships to successfully restore recreational fisheries habitat, the RFCPP’s partnership approach to project implementation requires that the total federal government cash support to the project must not exceed 50% of the total project value and that federal, provincial and municipal cash support, combined, do not exceed 75% of the total project value.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is committed to conserving and protecting Canada’s fisheries. We invite you to partner with us through the RFCPP so that we can work together to achieve our common goal.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dave Gibson for more information on the RFCPP or should you require any assistance in completing the Application Form.